Radio Playlists

Radio Playlist–Feb. 19, 2012

Levon Helm – “Ophelia” from Ramble on the Ryman
The Louvin Brothers – “The Great Atomic Power” from When I Stop Dreaming
Todd Snider – “Brenda” from Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables
Lucero – “Tears Don’t Matter Much” from That Much Further West

Jen Buxton – “Don’t Change Your Plans” from Don’t Change Your Plans
The Weathers – “Waking From A Dream” from The Weathers
Micah Schnabel – “The Heavy Things” from I’m Dead, Serious
American Gun – “No More Friends” from Therapy

Lydia Loveless – “Can’t Change Me” from Indestructible Machine
Lydia Loveless – “Steve Earle” from Indestructible Machine
Kasey Anderson – “Home” from Nowhere Nights
Kasey Anderson – “Nowhere Nights” from Nowhere Nights

Co. – “Next World War” from Communist Cellphone
Co. – “The Departed” from Holy City
Elonzo – “Almost Home” from A Letter to a Friend
The Restorations – “Little Round Shoes” from Constance

Magnetic Flowers – “Reprise” from What We Talk About…
Sunshone Still – “Jesus from a Chain” from ThewaytheworldDies
The Waifs – “Nothing New” from Up All Night
Uncle Tupelo – “Whiskey Bottle” from No Depression

Townes Van Zandt – “Still Lookin’ For You” from Flyin’ Shoes
The Tallest Man on Earth – “Graceland” (Internet Single)
Michael Trent – “When I…” from The Winner
Joey Kneiser – “Bruised Ribs” from The All-Night Bedroom Revival

Dave Rawlings Machine  – “I Hear Them All” from A Friend of a Friend
Those Lavender Whales – “Buckling” from Tomahawk of Praise
Steve Earle – “This City” from I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive


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