An Aftermath USA Mixtape, Vol. 1

So, it’s been a long time since I’ve made a mixtape for myself (probably since high school).   I’ve made over a half-dozen for my girlfriend over the past few years, and from time-to-time I’ll make single-artist mixes, genre mixes, mood mixes, etc., but I’ve always shied away from making a just “great music” mixtape that had no other qualifier.  I think part of my feels its just too limiting–there is a ceaseless river of new artists and great tunes out there that  I can barely dip my toes in to, and  I still have huge blank spots in my knowledge of music history (even for the genres I love).  Anyway, I’m suppose to be writing a paper right now, so I picked now to try my hand at making a mixtape for me, again.  These are the songs that I like, right at this particular moment of time.  No claims to greatness or anything, I just dig these ones.  So here it is…

Phosphorescent – Reasons to Quit (Willie Nelson cover)

Joe Pug – Hymn #35

Chris Knight – Hell Ain’t Half Full

Todd Snider – Lonely Girl (live)

Warren Zevon – Lawyers, Guns And Money

Zach Seibert & the Red Wagon – Plat It All Night Long (Warren Zevon cover)

Wilco – Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard

Kasey Anderson – All Lit Up

Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore – Only A Song

Drive-by Truckers – Birthday Boy

Cory Branan – Walk Around

Butch Walker – She Likes Hair Bands

Cary Ann Hearst – Are You Ready To Die

Carolina Chocolate Drops – Hit ‘Em Up Style (Blu Cantrell cover)

American Gun – Find Some Good

Lucero – Mom

So, that’s it.  Might post some more information, mp3/video links, or whatever later, but this has satisfied my procrastination urge.  All the songs are good–you should google ’em.


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