South Carolina’s Bone Show, Lucero Radio Extravaganza, & More

I started this blog with the idea that it would be primarily about writing, not quick 15 word postings of songs, videos, updates, etc. .  I apparently do not have enough free time and/or motivation to do this when school is in session, so my blogging motivations are “evolving.”

Quick Hits:

1 – I recently came across the great work of a cinematographer/blogger who goes by the handle boneshow.  You can find his youtube channel here, which features tons of great videos of local singer/songwriters in the Americana vein, including some of the artists I champion like Todd Mathis of American Gun, Mac Leaphart, BJ Barham of American Aquarium, Danielle Howle, and more.   Case in point, here a couple of videos…

2 – The college radio station I DJ at, WUSC 90.5-FM, is having their biannual fundraiser, with the theme of “Playing Favorites.”  So, for 2 hours (Thursday 11/12, 4-6pm) I’ll be spinning some songs by the Memphis, TN band Lucero.  Please tune in, and donate if you can.

3 – Also on Thursday, Columbia’s new listening room The White Mule is hosting one of country music’s true legends, Charlie Louvin of the The Louvin Brothers.  If I was still in that writing-focus mode, I would probably spout on at length about the influence, power, and longevity of The Louvin Brother’s music, but I’m not.  So just trust me, it will be a show well worth seeing.

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