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Richard Buckner @ The Whig this Sunday

Richard Buckner is one of those cult artists that you seem to stumble upon almost entirely by chance. He’s never made big waves in the indie rock or alternative country movements, but rather has just flown under the radar, making extraordinary music for his small band of followers.

Defining his music is not a terribly easy task, as he shifts from his own enigmatic brand of alternative country to creepy, dissonant experimental folk to murky indie rock so smoothly and elliptically that forces one to go to that catch-all cop-out description–“unique.” More than anything, Buckner is known for his husky, wandering voice that can either be incoherently mumbling in the lower register or climbing to wailing, high lonesome country heights. A fine guitar player, he has in recent years taken to experimental, multi-looped live performances that simultaneously show off his entrancing finger picking skills and his penchant for sonic dissonance.

Anyway, long story short, our friends at The Whig have coaxed Buckner into returning to Columbia for a small, intimate performance on Sunday night. Local singer/songwriter Zach Seibert, one of the city’s finest songwriters and a perfect fit for this bill, opens. Last I heard their were still a few tickets available, but you better get ’em quick if you are interested in going.


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