Ever since my teens I have always wanted to write about music, but I’ve never really gotten in the habit of doing it regularly.  Aside from a couple of sporadic attempts at blogging and my stint as a music director at a college radio station (WUSC-FM Columbia), my output is, shall we say, nonexistent. Yet, here I am again, trying to find a spark…

In case you don’t actually know me and just randomly stumbled onto this floundering blog, you will notice that my writings in no way attempt to span the width and breadth of popular recorded music. Despite my desire to appear impossibly eclectic, obscure and cooler than you in my musical tastes, the truth is sadly far from this. Mostly I’ll write about the local music scene in Columbia, SC (or at the least the parts I care/know about) and music that falls under the vague categories of “indie rock” and/or “americana.”  If none of that is your cup of tea, there are like a hundred gazillion other blogs for you to go read…


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